The Hurricanes Hit


Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne made direct hits on our coast.  We lost the most beautiful live oak tree in our back yard during the second hurricane.  Although it fell on the back of the house it didn't do as much damage as you would guess from the picture.



Shopping around town I found this wonderful hand carved Tiki. A lucky jewel was placed in its navel and when Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne hit Vero Beach, we're sure this helped to protect our house.


Exotic Feline Rescue Center


Being a writer gets you into many unusual places for the sake of a story. My husband and I visited the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Indiana where Joe Taft took us around and told us the stories of the cats rescued and rehabilitated. It's stunning to be this close to such enormous animals.

Click here to learn more about the Rescue Center.



Our backyard is the perfect environment for growing orchids. This one bloomed just in time for Thanksgiving.


Christmas 2004

With the children in California and Seattle, we were content with our growing family of animals. Believe me these pets are cost-effective and low maintenance although a little short on lavishing us with affection.


This is Elmo.  He was the inspiration for the cat in Sunflower. He helped with a lot of the typing late at night.  He is one of those hunt and peck typists, preferring to use one paw gracefully poised above the keyboard.  He never uses spellcheck.

Meet Elmo in SunflowerClick here!


Taconite Mountain

The iron content in these Minnesota mounds oxidizes in the air, giving them this red hue. Martha discovered this natural phenomenon while researching her next book, which is set in Minnesota.


Martha's Office

Inspiration is never far away in this Sunflower themed office of Martha's.  


A display of Martha's books at the Vero Beach Book Center--one of her favorite places to sign and shop.


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